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- Diffusion Tensor Imaging
- Functional (fMRI/MEG)
- Structural
  (Cortical thickness)
- Source Imaging
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Diffusion Tensor Imaging Functional (fMRI/MEG) Structural Source Imaging
Magnetic resonance (MR) diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) maps the orientational architecture of neural tissue by measuring the water diffusion tensor within each voxel of the MR image. The orientational architecture of the underlying tissue can be inferred from the eigenstructure of the diffusion tensor. For example, the major eigenvector of the diffusion tensor gives the mean fiber direction within the voxel, and the minor eigenvector indicates the sheet normal vector.

Fiber-bundle based Analysis

In cerebral white matter (WM), the anisotropy of the diffusion tensor also provides a putative marker of myelination degree and fiber density. Thus, MR DTI, thought to be an indicator of the fiber tract integrity, reflecting coherence, organization and/or density of the fiber bundles in white matter regions of the brain, is one of the relatively newer, promising in vivo methods that have made it possible to investigate white matter abnormalities in various brain diseases.

Gray matter DTI analysis
Currently, DTI is one of the promising methods that have been proved itself to be a potential technique for micro-structural analysis of brain. Regarding to the most of DTI applications, scalar DTI index such as mean diffusion (MD) have been successfully provide anatomical contrast in various clinical studies such as aging, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors and so on. However, most of consistent results in various studies were specified in WM or deep GM structures. Considering the highly convoluted thin layer structure of peripheral gray matter (GM) (Zilles et al., 1988), limited scan resolution (1.5 - 4 mm) of DTI can produce significant partial volume effects. Therefore, we used surface modeling technique for quantifying partial volume effects in GM diffusion analysis. This will be the first step for analyze GM microstructural property from DTI technique.