CNA Lab.

Minji Kim
  • MS course in the Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
  • +82-2-2220-0697

Research Interests

  • Brain Imaging Genomics

    Alzheimer's Disease

    * Brain imaging genomics is a promising research field, where integrated analysis of brain imaging and genomics data is performed to elucidate the genetic characteristics of the brain, provide new insights into the brain structure and function, and identify disease-associated biomarkers and risk factors. To achieve these goals, statistical and traditional machine learning methods have been used, and recently there have been several attempts to apply deep learning in the field.

    * Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a common neurodegenerative disease that accompanies progressive dysfunction of the brain and leads to death. Considering the irreversible and untreatable characteristics of AD, early diagnosis and timely treatment are of great importance. Despite the efforts of researchers, the genetic and phenotypic properties of AD remain unknown.

    * My study aims to provide a novel method to leverage brain imaging and genomics data, identify how those heterogeneous data are related, and suggest biomarkers for biomedical application.