CNA Lab.

Hyeokjin Kwon
  • PhD course in Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
  • +82-2-2220-0697

Research Interests

  • Multivariate and/or univariate pattern analysis using multi-modal neuroimaging data

    * Recent studies have been obtained with univariate analytical methods benefitting from high exploratory power – e.g., region of interest (ROI)-based analysis, tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS), and statistical tests.

    * MVPA(Multivariate pattern analysis) uses multivariate features from neuroimaging data to classify individual observations into different groups and thus reveals the contributing spatial and/or temporal patterns associated with the categories.

  • Brain network analysis

    * Anatomical connectivity refers to a network of physical or structural (synaptic) connections linking sets of neurons or neuronal elements, as well as their associated structural biophysical attributes encapsulated in parameters such as synaptic strength or effectiveness.

    * Functional connectivity, in contrast, is fundamentally a statistical concept. In general, functional connectivity captures deviations from statistical independence between distributed and often spatially remote neuronal units.

    * Effective connectivity may be viewed as the union of structural and functional connectivity, as it describes networks of directional effects of one neural element over another.


  • Hyeokjin Kwon, Jun Won Kim, Mina Park, Jin Woo Kim, Minseo Kim, Sang Hyun Suh, Yoon Soo Chang, Sung Jun Ahn*, Jong-Min Lee*, Brain metastases from lung adenocarcinoma may preferentially involve the distal middle cerebral artery territory and cerebellum, Frontiers in Oncology,Vol. 10, Article 1664, August 2020

  • Sung Jun Ahn, Hyeokjin Kwon, Jin-Ju Yang, Mina Park, Yoon Jin Cha, Sang Hyun Suh, Jong-MinLee*, Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted image radiomics of brain metastasesmay predict EGFR mutation status in primary lung cancer, Scientific Reports, Vol.10(1), 8905, June 2020

  • Hyun Ju Lee, Hyeokjin Kwon, Johanna Inhyang Kim, Joo Young Lee, Ji Young Lee, SungKyu Bang, Jong-Min Lee, The cingulum in very preterm infants relates to language and social-emotional impairment at 2 years of term-equivalent age, NeuroImage: Clinical, Volume 29, 2021

  • Han Soo Yoo, Hyeokjin Kwon, Seok Jong Chung, Young H. Sohn, Jong-Min Lee, Phil Hyu Lee, Neural correlates of self-awareness of cognitive deficits in non-demented patients with Parkinson's disease. Eur J Neurol., 28: 4022– 4030, 2021