Domestic Conference

40 Comparison of DTI analyses using groupwise atlas and improved registration - Y.H. Choi, C.K. Boahen, J.M. Lee
39 Method of tasking state fMRI analysis using AFNI - JinSung Lee, Jong-Min Lee, JaeChan Choi
38 The relationships between cortical thickness asymmetry and inter-hemispheric connectivity using multi-modal images - Dong-Kyun Lee, Jun-Sung Park, Sang Won Seo, Jong-Min Lee
37 Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using multimodal neuroimage - Hyuk Jin Yun, Kichang Kwak, Jong-Min Lee
36 Characteristics of Correlation Networks based on Structural Phenotypes of Cortical Morphology - Jin-Ju Yang , HunKi Kwon, Jong-Min Lee
35 Dynamic functional connectivity of the brain in frequency dimension - Y.H. Park, J.M. Lee
34 Corpus callosum segmentation in midsagittal using combined method ofmulti-label fusion and sparse approximation - G. S. Park, K. C. Kwak, J. M. Lee
33 Comparison of intracranial volume estimation methods effects in Alzheimer's disease - BoHyun Kim, Kichang Kwak, Jong-Min Lee
32 Scale-considered Network Hub of the White Matter Structural Network - Hunki Kwon , Yong-Ho Choi , Jong-Min Lee
31 the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Sparse representation method from MR images for diagnisis of Alzheimer's disease - Kichang Kwak, HyukJin Yun, EunKyoung Kim, Jong-Min Lee
30 Automatic corpus callosum segmentation using corpus callosum probability distribution and sparse representation - Gilsoon Park , Kichang Kwak , Yeonghun Park , Sang Won Seo , Duk L. Na , Jong-Min Lee
29 Prediction of Default Mode Network in Resting State fMRI using Self-Organizing Map - J.M.Hwang , J. H. Cha, J. S. Lee, S. W. Seo, D. L. Na and J.M. Lee
28 Finding influential region in T1 w and HARDI using principal network analysis - Yongho Choi, Hunki Kwon, BoHyun Kim, Jong-Min Lee
27 Automated diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using multimodal analysis of surface-based FDG and MR biomarkers - Hyuk Jin Yun, Kichang Kwak, Chan Mi Kim, Jong-Min Lee
26 The similarity of resting-state fMRI time series in AAL atlas - Jungho Cha, Uicheul Yoon, Hang Joon Jo, Sang Won Seo, Duk L. Na, Jong-Min Lee
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